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From Wed May 28 13:46:00 1997
From: Jeff Jacobsen 
Newsgroups: fl.general
Subject: lawsuit v. Co$; physical threat
Date: 28 May 1997 13:46:00 -0700
Organization: Primenet (602)416-7000
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   I received documents from a lawsuit a person filed against Scientology.
This person was seeking a refund of money after signing up for a flat fee
to go clear ($25,000).  S/he did not go clear and in fact claims they
kicked him/her out after paying over $50,000.  The lawsuit was to get a
   Some excerpts;

   "I was assaulted by W[  ] K[  ], Ethics Officer.  M[  ] S[  ],
Secretary, tried to physically force me to stay at the Church of
Scientology against my will.  She called for W[  ] K[  ] and K[  ] B[  ],
a Division 6 Supervisor, to attack me.  K[  ] ran off, but W[  ] slammed
me repeatedly into the wall in the back of the church for over half an
hour.  Finally, J[  ] D[  ], a staff member, came in and made her stop."

   "On or about XXX, J[  ] L[  ], the Academy Supervisor, showed me a
silver, semi-automatic pistol, of unkown caliber, that was kept by the
church to use on people.  He told me 'people had been taken to the dessert
and shot because they posed a threat to the church.'
   "My experience with them has made me fear for my life."

   The suit was dropped in '96 because the claimant said he/she was not
having enough time and money to continue.  This was a pro se case.

* I took the names and date out.
              Remember Richard Collins and Noah Lottick
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